Find the Right Abrasive Converting Equipment

Flap Discs Type 27/29 Products

  • Attach 5/8-11or 3/8-24 zinc hub to disc

Resin Fiber Discs

  • Attach the 5/8-11 stamped metal insert to disc

Cartridge Rolls

  • Cutting and Rolling Machines

Spiral Bands

  • Cut 3-8ft long spiral band stock to various lengths

Cross and Square Pads

  • Hole Punching
  • Eyeleting

Belt Reslitting

  • Reslit 12”-36” belts to various widths

​Jumbo Reslitting

  • Reslit 100yrd jumbos in widths of 12-36in. to various widths

Auto & Semi Auto Assembly Systems

  • Automate all or part of your manufacturing process

Material Handling

  • Conveyors
  • Pick and place

Custom Equipment

  • Turnkey machines, concept to completion